Saturday, January 26, 2008

With relish

True to form, Rick is loving every minute of his first weekend as an NHL All-Star.

When he was met at his podium by Joe Micheletti of the NHL Network, Rick started mock-making out with him.

To his first question at the podium from the guys from Islanders TV: "Islanders TV! I didn't know you guys were here"!

To the young lady from MTV who suggested that if he's ever to score an NHL goal, he has to shoot more: "Aw man, that's what I'm doing wrong."

Rick has friends and family here and he's making sure he has time for everyone, including the media. You know he's determined to post a bagel in the first period tomorrow, but maybe Chris Osgood's advice is starting to sink in - "It's a game for the scorers, not the goaltenders. Whatever happens, forget about it as fast as you can."

The Hockey News has assigned a major feature on Rick to writer Ken Campbell because DP is going to be on the cover of THN's special Goaltenders issue. Yet another example of his rising star.

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