Friday, January 11, 2008

Congratulations, Richard

It's always cool to have one of our players in the All-Star Game. But with proper respect to Jason, Hammer, Adrian Aucoin and some of our other recent all-stars, let's face it: there's nothing better than having one of your home-grown players in the NHL showcase.

Rick deserved this nod for every reason. Knowing him, he will embrace All-Star Weekend in Atlanta with his family and friends unlike any other.

This is DiPietro's first All-Star Game, so of course it's a big deal to him. But I have a feeling it means even more to him than he'll ever show publicly.

Whatever period he plays on January 27, it will be must-see TV. I have no idea how many saves he's going to make, but I predict he gets two assists.

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7th Woman said...

I'm sure ITV will do a wonderful job covering his time there as they did last season with Blake. This will be fun for everyone as we all watch Rick's player resume improve!