Sunday, January 27, 2008

He's a Star

Other than the tweak of the hip and the slip of the tongue, I'd say All-Star Weekend was an overwhelming success.

Rick DiPietro went about it the right way. He was accessible to every fan and reporter who needed him. His work with Islanders TV and Versus brought him even closer to the public. He performed extremely well in the Skills on Saturday and the game tonight. A bunch of writers walked up to me and said Rick had their vote for MVP because his puck-stopping and flair for, um, offense, was the spark for the East as they took a 5-1 lead after the first period.

What wasn't captured by the Islanders TV cameras was the neat private aspect of Charles Wang and the franchise making this the unforgettable weekend Rick deserved. First class all the way.

My congratulations to the league office, the Thrashers organization and the city of Atlanta for putting on one heckuva show. The entire weekend exceeded my expectations.


islesblogger said...


And a big thank you and job well done for yourself - because you provided a great look for those of us unable to attend.

I wish I could've been there - maybe next time!

Thank you for all your hard work!

Mike Carey said...

Chris, thanks for all the great coverage. You deserve another Rolex for this past week alone.

Anonymous said...

hear hear !! job well done Chris !

islesfan said...

Well, it would be hard to top a flub like Doc Emerick's when going to commercial on Versus.

"The score is tied 6 to 5."