Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kenneth returns

Tonight in the Coliseum press box, a play-by-plan man will be taking notes, asking questions and monitoring Ted's line combinations, all in preparation for calling the Islanders' five-game road trip that starts Saturday in Smyth-less Colorado.

Welcome back, Jiggs McDonald.

Howie Rose is taking a quick breather, understandable considering he calls more than 250 games in a calendar year. When you can bring in a Hall of Famer out of the bullpen, that's some serious depth in the broadcast booth.

Now that game tapes can be found just about anywhere, you can look it up: the Islanders were one of the best teams in NHL history, that much everyone knows. But watch, listen, learn...Jiggs McDonald's work from the second Stanley Cup in 1981 through Volek's OT goal in 1993 is a unmatched run of sports play-by-play brilliance.

He's our Foster Hewitt. It's like Al coming back for five games.

Enjoy these five broadcasts. Better still, record them and save them for your children's children.


7th Woman said...

I may have to record them anyway since all the games will be starting so late. hmmm... Starbucks it is.

River Alph said...

Now bring back Eddie!!!

Anonymous said...

Kudos Chris on the fantastic blog... love reading it everyday.
I have been a loyal isles fan since i started high school in 1980 and listening to Jiggs and eddie was part of the charm that was those Islanders of the past. I will thouroghly enjoy listening to Jiggs for the next 5 games... anyone ask Eddie to do a game or 2 ???

Chris Botta said...
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