Wednesday, January 2, 2008

SJU student says he started chant, explains its importance

In the Comments section, a student from St. John's - many of you know him as the beloved fan accompanied by his equally beloved friend, Beaker - wrote to say he started the chant I've suggested fans stop. I tried to explain my respectful reasoning in the two posts below, if you just joined us.

Unfortunately, I had to delete the Beak's response because for one brief moment it got indisputably profane.

I find Beaker's explanation to be fascinating, at times a bit disturbing, but just as often brilliant. Seriously. He even includes an email address for all to see. His defense certainly demands your attention as much as my attempt to articulate my position. One thing, folks: let's not make too big a deal of me "trying to tell fans what to do." It's a blog! You think we'd be up to Baumbach-on-Arbour sized responses if I tried to break down the Panthers' penalty killing?

I'm an Islanders fan. I know better, or at least I should have!

For the record, I was asked today by my close friend and colleague Tim Beach if I had an opinion on what the Islanders should do with "Rock and Roll, Part II," the traditional goal song. My input was to keep the song, let the fans have their say and let everything play itself out. It's a free Islanders Country, right?

Anyway, Beaker: here's your Equal Time, minus about four words. It retains its power. Next time, please leave Jagr and profanity out if it. I'll stop by Section 329 tomorrow night. Let me know if I need security detail.

At this rate, this blog might not make it to Thursday night's faceoff.


enytnallab989 said...

Throughout the season I have found your blog insightful, expressing your opinion with as little bias as possible. I did not always agree with what you said but still found it to be well-written and informative.

However, I am very upset with this post of yours. I would first like to let you know that Loudville should not be blamed for this chant. I have been a season ticket holder in section 329 for the past two seasons and started it once I had season tickets. While it did not catch on completely right away, it finally has now, and a few fans seem livid. I started this chant and therefore I would like all the hatred people have for me to be emailed to

These people have been calling me classless, spoiled, and immature on several message boards and the comments left here today. Thank You, fellow fans. Now granted this is not anywhere near the best chant that has come out of section 329, but it is a little thing that we started that was able to catch on. This is also a typical sports chant- short, simple and catchy. This is not England where we create full blown songs and get 16,234 to sing along in unison(but it would be nice, I have some ideas). It has been hard enough getting 8,000 fans to chant “Lets go Islanders” in unison.

Secondly, if this chant really has as much hatred as people say, then why has it been so loud lately? It is great to hear a packed house chanting in unison. I am proud to here the coliseum rocking again. In the ‘80s players knew it would be a rough game at the old barn. Fans were dedicated. Fans Cared about there teams, made the place loud, had a good time, and did not worry the other teams or fans feelings after chanting you suck.

Let me tell you more about myself. Everyone who dislikes what I do in 329 seem to enjoy describing me as an immature kid who’s parents spoil him with season tickets and knows nothing about hockey; the kid who just gets drunk to scream throughout the game and the kid with the 5 foot beaker Muppet. Well, my name is John (I think I will withhold my late name just in case anyone attempts to kill me) and I attend St. John's University full time. I work 35-40 hours each week just to be able to purchase my own season tickets and not much else.

Yes, I’ll enjoy one or two before the game, but there has on maximum been 3 occasions where someone in my section had been out of hand. And here’s the best part. We have a high school teacher that sits in our section and warns us when we go too rowdy with the chants.

As I have said, we know that the You Suck during the goal song chant isn’t the best or most original but it does the trick ans helps add a little oomph to the celebration. It gets the place loud and the other team looking around. While it is already loud for the most part when a goal is scored, the crowd’s adrenaline rush because of the goal is a great time to put a little dig into not only the opposing goalie but the whole team. No matter how professional you are, it will still be intimidating having a packed house chant at you. Not only opposing players will be intimidated but opposing fans as well. It happens too often that Islander fans have been out cheered by fans of the Rangers, Canadians, Maple Leafs, and Sabres in our own arena. Hopefully chants like these make us more unified in our own home. People dislike that these game are having too much of a college atmosphere, however most of those seated around us (not students) believe this is more of a good thing.

If you have ever been to a college game rooting for the visiting team, im sure you were somewhat intimidated and fully felt a home- court advantage. Our crowd is much less vulgar than college crowds and has very strict security (SMG) that insures it stays this way.There have been a number of chants more classless than You Suck, yet there was no outrage about them (Crackhead Theo, If you know the Rangers Suck, Green SUCKS - referring to Travis Green). Classless is also throwing bottles on the ice because of a referee's call, not chanting you suck.

If you really are against this chant then by all means stop chanting it, but the only way I will stop this chant is if the Islanders bring me on the road trip out west this week. I am a passionate fan who went to 45 islander games last year, and hopes to make it to 50 this season. There is no better feeling in life than celebrating a goal with people in my section that I have grown to know as family while singing our goal song followed by a shot of You Suck at the other team while they line up for the face off and look up, intimidated at the crowd.


Beaker and the members of Section 329

January 2, 2008 5:57 PM


Anonymous said...

Great Post, as a 25 year guy who graduated from college 3 years ago I have become disgusted at the fans who have taken nothing but shots at young Islanders fans during this discussion. They do not realize how important the young fan is to the team, we are the future season ticket holders. We bring alot of life to what at times can be the most boring and dull arena in the NHL. Loudville, the Havoc Zone, and student discounts are so imperative to the team in the present and future that removing these promotions could severly hurt this fanbase.

I for one love the chant and like you said love the way the majority of the crowd in the Coliseum has embraced it. I know many fans (many who need to lighten up and not be so sensative) think that this new chant is one of the most disturbing things to happen in the world of hockey. I can guarantee you that a majority of the fans who complain now thought nothing of chanting during the Chicken Dance or getting of Fleury's case during the 2001-2002 season.

The Coliseum has been to inviting to opposing fans since the 1985 season and something like this shows how passionate and how in your face the Islander fan can be.

My biggest thing to the organization and some of the fans is that it is your given right to voice your opinion about the "You Suck" chant and if you find it offensive, lame, or immature you do not have to repeat it. But by no means should the Islanders replace the song just to please some fans.

John, if they were to change goal songs, I will join you in section 329 to help sing out the Rock and Roll part 2 tune after a goal so that all fans who enjoy the chant can continue to do so. (Imagaine 16,234 humming the tune and then shouting "Hey...You Suck" afterwards)

I hope that the fans and organization can now move on and concentrate on winning and going deep in the playoffs this season!

Lets Go Islanders

Mike L.
( A passionate fan now living near Philly who still attends almost 10 games at the Coliseum a year)

David said...

If fans do not like the chant, they should stop chanting. It is not very mature but hey, if it gets under the skin of the opposition... good! I'm sure a lot worse is said on the ice. If the fans are considered "pests" just like Steve Webb was but hurling an immature chant, good again. Why are we so worried about respecting the opposition by the words we choose anyways. I'll respect Brodeur after the game is over and when he is in the Hall of Fame. During the game, if a chant might rattle him and is not profane, I am fine with. I am against throwing bottles or talking during the anthems but if we bug the other team so be it. When I was at Michigan we would count down in unison after a goal and call the other goalie a sieve. It sounds more mature but it is pretty insulting if you ask me and basically says, "You Suck!".

The Moose said...

Beaks, It's Moose. We've chatted a few times on various Isles boards, and you're a cool cat. But I feel you're dead wrong here. CB has a point. This all goes together, this image of us as an organization and fanbase. Mr. Wang is a classy honor, the first in a while to do right by our fans, and our heritage alike. We should follow his lead. No crass obscenities (Of this I readily admit I'm an offender), absolutely NOTHING during the Anthems other than singing along, and absolutely no pelting the ice with debris. We have an organization that has fought so very hard to restore credibility and respectability to itself, I'll be damned if I'll associate myself with anything that tries to slide back down the road to that circus atmosphere.

If the gentlemen that have righted this ship don't want me to chant it (and I for one enjoy it), at their behest, I will not. We'll come up with something new and better.

7th Woman said...

BTW...Islander fans only get "out chanted" when we're losing. The ENTIRE coliseum (not just a few sections) explodes in an uproar when the team is winning. It would be nice to win graciously and save the "intimidation" for when it is truly called for.

Anonymous said...

hey chris, i appreciate your respect and i appreciate you showing my say on the blog....come on by 329 me and beaker will welcome you with open arms...i hope i made you give your opinion some thought

Anonymous said...

Beaker said:

Secondly, if this chant really has as much hatred as people say, then why has it been so loud lately?

Because silence doesn't drown out a handful of loudmouths (e.g.: people booing "O Canada").

Kameron said...

a goal is time for cheering, not chanting you suck.

i love the chicken dance, and i hate the rangers and will call them anything at any point in the game.

but to say you suck every time we score a goal? its like saying hey you must suck you let the worst offense in hockey score on you.

the classic hey chant was amazing. and i always love the woooo's at the end. although i find 3 wooo's are bad luck

Anonymous said...

I kind of agree with Beaker, i have season tickets as well and even though it may not be right for kids, but who are buying the tickets? The adults.

Beaker is right, a majority of the crowd has been saying it. If this is a major issue and needs to be talked about then the islanders are not addressing there issues correctly.

This is harmless and gets the crowd together. There are alot worse chants around the league. Like last night at the Calgary game the whole crowd was cheering "Avery Sucks"..should they then not let fans into the game??? Of course not.
. The Song should stay besides the fact that the guy who wrote it is a convicted sex offender but the "you suck" is worse. I do not see the logic. So Lets be serious, we are not threating anyone by saying this. The kids have two kids games. Sucks is not a bad work really and it brings the crowd together.

What song would you like to change it to? Maybe a song that other teams fans can rip us apart on. Like a Hanson song...let this go, I will be chanting with you beaker.

Funny thing is, the MAJORITY of people i have seen complain about this do not even have season tickets and go to one game a year.
Lets go Islanders...lets forget about the songs and get some one at the deadline.

Mtosner said...

"Hopefully chants like these make us more unified in our own home." If your mission was unifying the crowd; You have failed. You are driving some people out of the coliseum altogether. Maybe in your delusional state you are drawing an equal amount in, but I can assure you you are not.
The look on the faces of opposing players is not intimidation but shock at the stupidity and lack of class you display. It's actually more of a home ice if opposing players like your fans. It's harder to motivate when you believe the people chanting against you are good people. It's pretty easy to get pumped when you think the fans in a particular place are jerks. You are hurting your team. The most sought after free agents (who can choose anywhere to play) will likely be turned off to LI.