Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two Sports Illustrated features in a half a season!

Michael Farber has a feature in the Sports Illustrated out on Wednesday comparing chatter of who's better - DiPietro, Lundqvist or Brodeur - to the Golden Age of Willie, Mickey and the Duke.

Farber opens the piece with some message board chat taken from the pages of none other than Islandermania. If you want a sneek peek at the full article, Islandermania has it on its site.

Some of the notable quotes from the piece include an Eastern Conference goaltending coach on Rick: "Ricky has so much confidence that there's no fear of failure. He's special."

Brodeur on DP: "I've had shutouts against them, and at the end of the game he's flipped the puck in my direction, which is cool."

The feature ends with Brodeur offering some constructive criticism of DiPietro, followed by a huge compliment. Check it out...on news stands and in mailboxes tomorrow! Michael Farber rules!


I've heard from plenty of Islanders fans about this and now I'm starting to wonder: is it possible my friends Al Trautwig and Stan Fischler are genuinely obsessing on every goal DiPietro allows while being far more forgiving towards the Garden's Incredible Hank? Or are they just trying to coax viewer email out of Islanders Country?

Speaking of the Al and Stan show, during the second intermission of Islanders-Canucks tonight, Deb and Co. threw it back to the MSG studio where we didn't get NYI analysis but rather clips from the Rangers and Devils games tonight. Same thing when the shootout ended and Al and Stan had the hot scoop of the All-Star starters. "Hockey Night LIVE," eh?

I was completely shocked the NHL didn't sit Mr. Downie for a few games for what he did to our boy Blakey. Even Paul Holmgren admitted his sucker punch was uncalled for. Combined with Downie having a track record, that really was surprising...

At least two hockey writers from major New York papers will be in Bridgeport on Thursday when Kyle Okposo has his first practice as a Sound Tiger. For the record, the two writers - and there will be more - made their plans without a pitch from me or anyone on my staff. So I don't want to hear anything about how the Islanders have the hype machine out for K.O. I think there's just something special about Kyle that draws the attention...

Has there ever been a head coach in New York who picked a better time (Arod, Santana, Mitchell, Knicks) to have a step-back season than Eric Mangini?

A little birdie told me Okposo was probably going to play on a line with Jeff Tambellini and Frans Nielsen. Now I'm trying to remember if I heard it from an Islanders hockey ops person or just dreamed it...

Have you seen those camouflage jerseys the Sound Tigers are wearing Sunday for their Armed Forces Appreciation game? My kids want those so much more than Hannah Montana tickets. What do you say, Mr. Saffan?

Finally, two out of three games on this road trip DiPietro has been named the No. 1 star. The rest of the Eastern Conference all-stars will be announced Friday. I don't even want to think about DiPietro not being on the list.


7th Woman said...

Brodeur has been exceedingly complimentary to DiPietro in the media lately. I'm certain it's because he realizes Rick will soon replace him at the top of the food chain.

islesblogger said...

I would also accept a camo sound tigers jersey Chris. Consider it a late Christmas gift.....

I really need to get down to B'port a time or two to see what's going on there.

I don't ever remember a year where more SI articles spoke our praises as much as this year.

islesblogger said...

I bought a few raffle tickets for a Bentivoglio camo jersey....nudge nudge.

What's happening with the jerseys that are not listed on B'ports site?