Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Start dreading the News

I have something to confess. I hope you’re sitting down. This isn’t easy for me.

Now that I’m out of hockey in an official capacity, I’ve done something I’m ashamed of. I have no one to blame but myself.

Since I’ve started spending time in Manhattan, there have been a few days when I…I…oh man, this is hard.

I’ve dropped two quarters into the slot and…god, I hope my mom doesn’t read this.

I have purchased the New York Daily News.

(I wish I could say I feel better now).

I’ve confessed my sins to my friend Peter Botte, the man assigned by the Weekly News to the Islanders the last few years as a sabbatical after doing hard time on the Yankees beat. Before that, he covered the Islanders daily and entertainingly for the Post. Pete seemed to understand my setback.

I coughed up Fitty Cent for the News today. I used to be aghast at what wasn’t in it – you know, hockey coverage, especially of the Islanders and the Devils. I read the News today, oh boy, and…well, let me give it to you straight.

The New York Daily News has not just one, but two sports columnists at Wimbledon.

(That’s a tennis tournament in England).

I love tennis. Play it, poorly. Watch it, the Majors regularly. If I wasn’t too busy whining for better hockey coverage, I would work pro bono to shine a brighter light on the great game of tennis. I'd do everything I could to bring the Australian Open TV ratings up to at least Stanley Cup Final level. I would pay to work for Ana Ivanovic, her being French Open champion and all.

I think it’s wonderful that both Filip Bondy and Mike Lupica are writing columns from the fortnight. Just consider this, hockey fans.

Whether Fil and Mike are staying one week or two, the budget for this boondoggle far exceeds the travel expense for the New York Daily News to cover the New York Islanders.

I mean to cover the Islanders…for the last decade.


ken d. said...

Do I sense the creation of an "Ivanovic Net" in the near future? Okposo Net will gladly lend you some of our snappy graphics... :)

Personally, I'd pay to watch Daniela Hantuchova make soup...which, mind you, she's probably better at than playing tennis.

Be well, CB.

7th Woman said...

Gotta say... your first 3 lines scared me a little. But fret not my friend, we all do things we are not proud of in NYC.
Regarding coverage of ... what is that thing called again? Wimblewhat? right... well, maybe it does boil down to more people actually PLAY tennis (although poorly) than actually CAN PLAY hockey so some in charge think they'd want more coverage of something they actually can do. But I guess it boils down to TV ratings. What are the Nielsen's for the tennis "love" crowd? anyone know?