Saturday, June 7, 2008

David J. Neal sets the record straight

Two weeks ago, I told a story about Mike Milbury - against all odds - having trouble seeing an interrogator at a press conference. Read the story here.

I was happy to hear from the writer, David J. Neal, whom I haven't seen in years. David had a few important corrections to my story. Here's his email:

The Milbury story is a funny one except for a few facts:

1. I'm not Rastafarian.

2. The dashiki suit, which was black and glittering gold, was African and pretty darn cumbersome. Getting to the pockets was a bitch so I haven't worn it often since buying it in Dallas during the 2000 Stanley Cup Final.

3. Milbury scanned the room, but I wasn't hidden by the glare of the lights - what also struck everyone was funny was he had mananged to miss the one black guy in a loud African suit who was also sitting in the front row.

But, yes, it was funny. Mr. Mike definitely increased all of our workloads at a few drafts.


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