Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm in the media now: column runs in The Hockey News

During the third day of my retirement, I wrote a column about a few things the NHL could do better and I sent it to The Hockey News. Next thing I know, Bruce Bennett is taking a headshot of me when we're in Philly for Game 4 because THN wanted to run the article.

I guess I'm not media-relatin' for now. I'm in the media. Such a proud moment for me.

Seriously, having a full-page column in The Hockey News is a cool thing. It's in the current issue on the Stanley Cup Final. Lidstrom and Crosby are on the cover, which also features a tease for my story. It says, "Not Enough Hate in the NHL."

That refers to one of my suggestions, that the game could use some more bad blood.

I write: "Is there a rule that everyone in this violently beautiful game has to act like gentlemen all the time? Face it: the objective is to win the Stanley Cup and make the most money. There may be revenue sharing, but there doesn’t have to be spit sharing. Players are competitors, not colleagues. If you want to skip the handshake line, or just one hand, go for it. And if you really can’t stomach someone on the other team, please alert the media the day before the game."

Please pick up this issue (at newsstands now!) or through and let me know what you think. Also send letters to the editor either praising my work or blasting the heck out of it. Editors like that. Maybe I'll get to do another one and take my wife out for a second dinner.

The photo THN ran with the column is of Sean Avery. Funny how things work out, eh?

The headline the editors wrote is "I Got Voted Off The Island," which is strange because, as I say in the opening paragraph, I resigned.

Oh man, now I don't even sound like a blogger but a traditional sports reporter whining about my editors. This life change has me so screwed up.


7th Woman said...

Congrats CB! No one likes their editors. It comes with the territory. I'll be sure to locate a copy or two, even though I'm sure it won't be the last you write for them.

Brad Kurtzberg said...

Hey Chris:

Congratulations on being published by The Hockey News. That's great. I think one way to get some bad blood back into hockey is to bring back divisional playoff match-ups. It won't work with 3 divisions in each conference, but the playoffs is where rivalries are really cemented and it was good for hockey when the Rangers and Islanders, Oilers and Flames and Habs and Bruins were meeting nearly every year in the playoffs. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hey CB, LOVE your blog. Been reading since you started it. So glad I can finally comment. Congratulations on The Hockey News gig. I hope it is the start of something new and wonderful for you. I will look for your article in my next issue. I also hope you will reconsider ending the blog as of 7/7. I think you are too talented a writer (and now a youtuber, LOL) to just give it up. For my own selfish pleasure, I look forward to reading your opinions and insights on what's happening with the Isles and hockey in general. So please give that some thought.