Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jaffe called it

Thanks to a commenter on Islandermania, I was reminded of an ITV clip where Billy Jaffe did seem to go out of his way a few times to mention the Islanders might trade down. My man Jaff is a very smart guy, but knowledge like this usually does not come out of thin air.

I'm thinking maybe Garth did try to get the word out. I guess it wasn't enough, buddy! Still, it was a noble try.

As another poster on the official fan message board wrote, the signs were there and we chose not to pay attention to them.

Figures to be another couple of interesting weeks in the Country. Enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

This comment is from Islander505 (cuz I can't remember my password!!!)

Can't we all simply give Snow some credit here?
Rather than accusing Garth of "improperly managing expectations" can't he be given credit for "properly managing disinformation"?
Do you think that Toronto and Nashville would have ponied up the 2nd and 3rd round draft picks if they knew that Snow had his eyes on Bailey and was gonna pass on Schenn and Wilson?
I don't think so.

Draft day is a poker game Chris and Snow was playing a pat hand. Rather than going "all in" early he let the other guys bump up the pot with some sweet draft positions.

Granted, only time will tell if these additional players will pan out, but putting himself in position to grab what ISS (International Scouting Service) called 5 of the top 30 picks in this draft, Garth Snow demonstrated that he is, at least, a pretty good poker player.
Which is more than could be said about Shirtless Milbury.

Now let's sit back and see now how good a judge of talent Jankowski is.

I give props to Snow for effectively keeping everyone in the dark.

Travelchic59 said...

Chris, I really feel since your departure this team just does not know how to get the words out to the fan base properly. The whole draft debacle could have been avoided if they had you there guiding them through the process and maybe just maybe setting the table for the trades down on Friday.