Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Double Minor: should John Tonelli's number be retired?

If I can somehow figure out how to use The Flip video camera in the scant few hours since picking one up at Best Buy today, then there may be hope for all of us.

Here is my double minor's worth of thoughts on John Tonelli and his place in Islanders history. Forgive the shoddy cinematography, lame set design and face for radio. When it comes to technology, for me this is an accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

move the floral arrangement.

islesblogger said...


Great job on the video pod cast. I posted a link back and the youtube clip up on my site.

I am glad you are giving everyone else the chance to see the side of you we got to know and enjoy during the year. It's just a shame you plan on walking away from the blog in July!

Keep up the good work bud!

Michael Schuerlein

jsmilla said...

Interesting question---Tonelli in the rafters. The criteria for a jersey retirement is uncertain, but one thing's for sure, we don't have much space left. Lafontaine's a hall of famer . . . but his #16 isn't in the rafters, and to me, that's the right call, because the HHOF recognized his career accomplishments more than his great play with the Isles. Nystrom's not a hall of famer . . . but his #23 is in the rafters not only to recognize his contributions, but those of all the guys who weren't superstars but played with heart and accomplished so much more than their individual talents would have allowed. Tonelli's the first guy I think of, besides Ny, when I see that #23 jersey. JT and Ny are bound inextricably by history, by years on the same line, by telephathic passes to the low slot, and most importantly by 7:11. If we retire JT's jersey, why not Wolfie's? It's a tough call and I think the current list in the rafters is the correct one, with one possible exception . . .

Why isn't Butchie in the HHOF yet? Four Cups, one Conn Smythe, a Lady Byng trophy, a Masterton trophy, a decade with the Kings and the final piece of the puzzle. A goal scorer, a tenacious forechecker, and a clean player. And that great tin can of a helmet. Also an effective minor league coach in the Islanders organization. What does a guy have to do? If Butchie was a Hab he'd be a shoo-in. I know he's a disappointing tenure as coach at the national league level and other issues, but why not #91 in the rafters and the HHOF?

BTW Thanks for the video! Keep those posts coming---and remember to save something for the book. : )

jsmilla said...

PS I should have mentioned that we all owe JT a debt of gratitude for knocking off the Oilers, as a Calgary Flame, in '86. And I hope 18's the next guy in the NYI HOF.

7th Woman said...

Always so critical. You succeed at anything you try. But as much as audio and video gives you the speaker's inflections and a clearer meaning, the written word can't be beat. It makes the reader think. Ok, I just proved how old I am.