Friday, May 23, 2008

Attention, All PR Candidates: Take my job, please

If you are interested in applying to the Islanders for the vacant PR position left by my departure, let me be clear: I wholeheartedly recommend that you apply.

There are a limited number of PR jobs in team sports. When one opens up, you have to go for it.

If you get the opportunity to work for the New York Islanders, you’ll work alongside several remarkable people. Just as important, the team is owned by someone as committed to the region as anyone I know.

If you are a friend of mine, I especially recommend you immediately send a letter and resume. I’ve been delicately – oh-so-delicately – approached about this by a number of people. Why all the sensitivity? Why the concern for my reaction of a friend or colleague applying for the job?

I do not work there anymore. I left on good terms. I’ve made it really clear I’m still rooting for the team, even more so for my dear former co-workers.

For those of you who don’t give a hoot about this subject, please forgive my rant. It’s just that I’m amazed by some of the BS calls I’ve received in the last week or so:

“Do you think it’s something I should go for”? (YES! WHY THE HECK NOT?)

“Do you think I’m what they’re looking for”? (HOW THE HECK WOULD I KNOW? NEWS FLASH: I DON’T WORK THERE ANYMORE!)

“Would it be weird if I applied, or a waste of my time”? (I SIMPLY JUST DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ANSWER THAT ONE, AND – TO BE FRANK – I’VE GOT OTHER STUFF TO FOCUS ON NOW)

I know I’m probably coming off as a major weenie, but from the beginning I really tried to be the opposite. I wasn’t gone from the Islanders a day when I spread the word to everyone in the business that they should absolutely jump on the opportunity if they felt it was right for them.

I should state that I don’t know exactly what the Islanders’ plans are for my old position. I’ve heard some rumblings about a friend in the organeyezation doing triple-duty and sliding over to direct my former staff, but that has not been made official as far as I can tell.

So, friends in PR, what are you waiting for?

You have my blessing.

There’s no need to tip-toe around the subject when you call me.

And, if you get the gig, please leave the 4 comps in the name of Chris, Aidan, Luke and Cole Botta.

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