Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Any questions?

As I get ready for the first leg of my 2008 Farewell Tour in Philadelphia, where it all began for me as an intern during the days of Propp, Kerr, Zezel, Poulin, Marsh, McCrimmon, Howe and Hexy, I thought I'd let you take over the blog.

GOT ANY QUESTIONS? Bring 'em on.

I'll leave that challenge open-ended. Queries can be on any subject. Can't guarantee I'll be able to answer every one. Definitely will not betray serious confidences of friends for a lifetime, but don't let that scare you. It's only hockey.

Let's see what you got. If nothing else, it will give me a good read on how many people are still logging on to this thing.

Please put all questions in the Comments area below. All of my responses will be on the blog over time. Thanks.



rg0219 said...

As a Bruce afficianado, what's your favorite tune and what was your favorite concert seen in person?

sab31 said...

Well it was great meeting you during the #1,500 weekend Chris...thanx again for everything! I was hoping to see you again next year :(

My questions are related to the road trip I made last November because I'd like to plan for another one...

1 - What are the odds you are giving for the proposed "Battle of NY at Yankee Stadium"? Was there a timeline before a decision would be made?

2 - Was there any discussion for another Arbour night or will the 740 banner be raised during next season's alumni weekend? (What time of the season do you figure?)

3 - In your 20 years, what was the dumbest question you heard asked by the media and what was the most clever response ever given?

Once again I wish you all the best Chris and thanx again!!


Dominik said...

From a PR standpoint (fan sentiments aside), what were your most challenging moments/"issues" that you dealt with as Islanders PR man?

I'm thinking more about on-ice or at least GM-transaction matters, but I'm sure there were some interesting ownership-related moments, too.

New York Islander Fan Central said...

Hopefully you can answer a few questions or tells us about the current relationship if nothing else between the Isles and each individual paper and what can be done to get some professional writers blogs/full time coverage.

(not my blog, btw)

Would the Isles be willing or allowed to pay the Times, SI Advance, Westchester Journal, Newark Star Ledger, Post, News to assign a full time professional beatwriter and let him travel with the club and provide a daily blog?

Given the Newsday-Cablevision merger and what it's meant in the past for Islander coverage with Cablevision taking games off television or hiding them on Metro, Fsn-2, Msg+2 it's fair to say the coverage is going to drop ever further in Newsday, do you agree?

Would you be willing to write for the Isles in Newsday if offered given Pat Calabria went from Newsday to the Isles?

Tell me why Greg Logan should be praised for being outblogged in the Isles only paper or going overboard to create issues while barely praising the team.

Thanks for reading my questions, of course you can respond off your blog.

Either way thank you.
NYI Fan Central

7th Woman said...

In all your years experience, which player would make you worry the most every time they were interviewed by the media?

NickD at said...

Do you think the Islanders will continue with their open policy towards fans, like the Blog Box?

islesblogger said...

In a career that has taken you through extraordinary highs and even shown you the lowest of lows, how could you even begin to narrow down your experiences and pick a single favorite?

SHOE said...


not really a question, more of a suggestion. A guy like "eklund" was able to turn having no sources and making up rumors into a big money maker.

You are a guy who has legitimate sources, you write a great blog and people like you!

Why not follow suit and really turn this blog into a hockey hotbed?

IslesHockey21 said...

20 years is a long time, I'm sure there have been some great stories from behind the scenes. Care to share any?

Think Fish Sticks.

Anonymous said...

I am currently a sophomore majoring in Sports Management looking to get into the sports field. What advice would you give to someone that is looking to break into the field?


mtrico said...

Where did the Islanders come up with the idea for the Islanders Hall of Fame? A few years ago, I sent you an email attaching a scan of an article I found in the paper where one of Bob Bourne's sons (not sure if it was Justin) said that his dad was more than a role player on the Stanley Cup teams, and that he was disappointed that he was often refferred to as such. In the email I suggested that Bourne and others like Tonelli should be inducted into an Islanders hall of fame. Did that email ever get to you? Also, will Tonelli be the next inductee? He sure deserves it. Talk about underrated guys, he is at the top of the list.

Good luck with the job search!

p.s. I check more than once a day for new posts, so please keep posting.

Carey303 said...


Now that you have some separation, tell us what you REALLY think of the Isles management structure. Meaning, this whole "decision by committee" concept (Wang, Snow, Nolan...whoever else now has an equal voice). Do you think it's working or can work?

Best of luck,
Mike Carey

jsmilla said...

Thanks, Chris, for this opportunity. Here's some questions that cover your twenty years with the franchise (but will not take just as long to answer).

1. In reviewing the Islanders' post-Cup years, it's striking that the team and its last remaining franchise player from that era became so estranged. In your view, who bears the most responsibility for the chain of events that led to the departure of Pat Lafontaine in '91? Pickett? Meehan? Torrey? Lafontaine himself? Obviously Lafontaine was frustrated by the team's poor performance in '90-91, but it seemed like there were some personal issues there as well.

2. What issues prompted the Islanders to trade McCabe, Bertuzzi, et al., before the Olympic work stoppage in '98? The team enjoyed a winning streak shortly before trading its young captain, if memory serves. And why did the team trade Berard to acquire an expensive goaltender, Felix Potvin, just as they were trying to dump salary? Never understood some of those deals.

3. What were your proudest moments, as a public relations professional, with the Islanders?---Perhaps a piece of adverse publicity that you narrowly but successfully deflected, or a particular story that you guided into print, that holds great significance for you?

4. Why are you giving these answers out for free when I'm going to buy your book? Get writing chapters, man! : )

PS My wife and I have fond memories of seeing you in Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto during the Islanders' Canadian roadtrip in the spring of 1998, during our honeymoon. Hard to believe it's been ten years---we've three kids now (two Isles fans and a Pens fan). Chris, thank you for your kindness in the past and for representing the team with such class and dignity. We're wishing you the best in the future. ---Josh aka "Dr. Generosity" from NYIC

Tony said...

Obviously this franchise has had it's share of embarassing moments over the years. (Spano, Milstein...etc)

Was there ever a time where you left the building and wondered "what can happen next?"

PS thanks for always being the consumate professional. I check the blog keep it up!

Ryan said...


I am 33 years old, a lifelong hockey player and fan of the Isles, and by extension, a fan of your work. Currently I am stuck in a loveless relationship with my job in Washington, DC. We have a great organization here with one of the most exciting players in recent memory.

Is it too late for me to try and find something, ANYTHING media-related within the organization? I am more than willing to swallow my ego and serve hot dogs and cotton candy if that is what it'll take!

Any advice, any at all would be helpful!

Thanks for the years and everything you have done.

Anonymous said...


In my 20 years of being strictly an Islander fan (I was one of those morons who rooted for ALL the teams in my early hockey watching years), the one constant with going to games, and getting to know people that worked for the organization, was you.

You have always been one of professionalism, honesty, and one that I respected so much. I just needed to get that statement out first.

As far as questions go... We had Garth Snow at our Booster Club meeting last night, and I can tell you that he is a great presence in front of a crowd, which I know you are aware of. I know that he is a smart man, and is doing the best he can for this organization. I am not making this question a negative, but with his 'still new in the job' air about him, what does he have to do, in order to not have a repeat of last year, where it seemed that guys with contracts that were ending basically just up and left, with little or no dialogue (at least according to this person).

Once again, Chris, best of luck, in whatever you do. I know that you will succeed! Look forward to seeing you as a fan!

Megan said...

I'm not sure if you would know this, but the show 30 Rock often has many funny Islander references whenever Tina Fey's character's ex-boyfriend comes back into her life. Are the Isles aware of this? Does the show need to get permission or are there people on the show who are big fans? Thanks for answering questions and thank you for the blog!

MN said...


You've been through a lot with the Isles. It's a shame after all the bad years you won't be with them if they ever turn it around.

Couple of Questions:
1. What are the odds of the Lighthouse Project making it through the approval process, and if it doesn't what happens to our team?

2. If they Isles ever do become a contender after all the years of eroding their fan base, do you think they will be able to pack their arena with 16,000 fans every night? Even a Tuesday in the middle of November against Nashville?

3. What was the lowest moment in all of your years with the team? SpanoGate? HoistGate? Trading of Ziggy? Fisherman jersey? Kirk Muller?

4. What was the worst personnel move that an Isles GM made during your tenure? Bertuzzi/McCabe trade? Jokinen/Luongo trade? Turgeon/Malakov trade? Trade for Yashin? Drafting of Michael Rupp? Drafting of Nilsson over Parise? Letting Healy go after the 1993 playoffs?

Unknown said...

Could you give us some insight into the thinking behind the Jokinen/Luongo trade?

Bubba said...


I'm a big fan of the Blog Box idea and have really enjoyed reading your blog.

Hopefully you are still taking questions.

I was wondering if you could give some insight regarding the Islanders decision to fire Peter Laviolette?

Thanks in advance.