Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My tennis gig; Open House on Wednesday; Joanne Holewa

So I'm sitting outside by the tennis courts at the RVC Rec center around 4:00 today, that legal pad-of-dreams in hand while soaking in the sun. It was another good day - a writing assignment from a top hockey publication, extraordinary lunch with an Islanders connection, an invite to visit Philadelphia for Game 4, a nice nod from Sports Illustrated and more calls and emails with a generosity of spirit that eventually will lead me to uncontrollable sobbing.

It's that kind of perfect day. I'm feeling inspired, and tanned and trimmer than I really am. Then that daily dose of reality hits as a lovely older couple, dressed like Evert and Connors, approaches.

"Excuse me, sir, do we sign up for the tennis with you"?


I hope if you're still logging on to this blog occasionally, live in the area and have a spare hour or two, that you attend the second Open House the Islanders are hosting at the Coliseum. The team's website story has the rundown of events.

The Islanders providing at least a monthly peak behind-the-scenes at the Coliseum is a good thing, especially in a town - make that a country - where hockey is spoken only when your team is still playing. Like a home game, the energy from the crowd is what makes events like this work, so please support your team and my old friends and check it out.


Why I'm Still Rooting, Part 3 - Joanne Holewa

Joanne has been the deputy to every Islanders GM - Bill Torrey, Don Maloney, Mike Milbury, Neil Smith and Garth. This not only qualifies Joanne for the Hockey Hall of Fame, but also for sainthood.

She's got at least a couple of Stanley Cup rings and you could make the case that's plenty for any human being in one lifetime. But not Joanne. She deserves one more. At least.

When it came to learning how to perform with grace under pressure, Joanne Holewa was my teacher.

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