Monday, May 12, 2008

The Podcast that wasn't

Very observant readers of this blog pointed out on message boards that the timing of my resignation was odd because just a little while earlier I had discussed the idea of doing an audio podcast with my staff.

Can't I just say I was dedicated to coming up with new stuff until the very end?

Maybe my bud/PR coordinator Corey Witt will keep the dream alive. It was Corey who did so much of the engineering legwork after I researched podcasts and thought it might be cool to do sort of an old-fashioned radio show right from our offices at the Coliseum.

As late as the day before my departure, I sent an email to Corey, JLock and Adam Baruch with some final assignments for our first podcast.

We had already completed four segments. On Friday, I recorded a Q & A with Garth Snow that I felt was something unique. Garth came into my office, where Corey set up a table in the middle with his laptop and a microphone. I asked Garth to just chat with me in a relaxed style, like our regular conversations every day. He did, and I'm proud of the end result. Among many highlights, Garth mentioned that he was trying to sign Swedish goalie Stefan Ridderwall, another one of the Islanders' solid picks in the 2006 draft. He said he'd love to get Ridderwall to Bridgeport as soon as possible. There was more, but...

Another "highlight" was JLock talking about the season finale at MSG, where he was verbally harrassed and pummelled with popcorn in the press box by those wild-and-crazy blue-seaters. Adam did an excellent segment on Robin Figren, proving he was a year off his internship with the San Antonio Spurs by pronouncing Regina, Sask. not to rhyme know. Corey had a fun take on the weeks ahead in Islanders Country, throwing in birthdays, team events and even a comedy show at whatever they call the Westbury Music Fair these days.

It was fun putting the podcast together and taking the time to learn something new with the guys. After a few shows, I would have hoped it would be fun and informative for the listeners, too.

Maybe the podcast-that-wasn't will make the Smithsonian someday. Okay, maybe not.


Why I'm Still Rooting, Part 2 - Ryan Jankowski

The 2006 Draft for the Islanders added Okposo, Joensuu, Figren, Marcinko, Ridderwall and probably a few other genuine prospects. The director of amateur scouting for the Islanders in 2006 was Ryan Jankowski, and Ryan will be running the draft next month.

Jankowski is whip-smart and one of the hardest-working scouts in the game. Most scouts are never home. RJ is never home. If the Islanders stick to their plan of primarily building from within - and I pray (while having every reason to believe) they will - Jankowski becomes one of the most important people in the team directory.

And, for me, one of the easiest to root for.

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