Thursday, May 22, 2008

Q: On continued fan relations

Nick asks:

Do you think the Islanders will continue with their open policy towards fans, like the Blog Box?

I would not expect that to change and, in fact, I think the team will only expand their fan initiatives. As it is, the Islanders are one of the most accessible teams in all of pro sports. Having a strong grasp on what most of the other teams do, I would put the Islanders easily in the top 20.

I saw that ESPN Fan Poll where they rank all 122 teams in a variety of subjects - Ted Nolan came in No. 5, the fan experience at the only-gloriously-decrepid-when they're-winning Coliseum finished close to last. I was amazed the Islanders were somewhere in the 70s for accessibility to players and management. I don't think I have to go into all the events and initiatives the team has for fans. Let's just say the ranking was absurd.

NYI Blog Box will likely be taken to the next level. I'm proud of what we started last year, but now the key is "What's next"? Corey and I discussed some ideas at the end of last season. I'm confident it will only grow bigger and better.

I guarantee the team's relationship with Islandermania as the official message board will continue to develop in bolder ways. Toward the end of my tenure there, I know some members of management met with at least one other major message board. The franchise always has time for its fans. Of course, the challenge continues to win new ones.

So to answer your question Nick, yes.

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