Friday, April 11, 2008

Wednesday at center stage

I really hope those of you in the area can make it out to the Open House/Town Hall event on Wednesday at the Coliseum. Full details are on the team site, but doors open at 6:30 and around 7:45 we'll begin the "formal" presentation.

I'm part of the planning group for the presentation and I can tell you it will be the real deal. The scoreboard will be lowered to serve as a back-drop, like we've done in the past at some Budweiser (Entry) Draft parties. Steve Mears is going to host and a pair of stirring videos will be shown.

Senior VP Chris Dey will open up with a brief discussion of why the Islanders are wasting no time taking their message to the fans. Say what you will, but you can't say the organization is going into hibernation until the playoffs are over.

Looks like Garth Snow will speak after Chris. While it would be foolish for any GM to get completely specific about his plans - "hey, tell Columbus I'm taking ________ with the 5th pick" - a sneak peak Garth showed me of his outline revealed a ton of transparency.

If you love the Islanders, a free event where the locker room is wide open - but better still, so are the plans of the coach and GM - is a pretty good thing, don't you think? Maybe new Knicks Prez Donnie Walsh will do the same.

Ted will speak after Garth. Over the weekend I hope to catch up with the coach and see what he has planned for Wednesday. Ted usually speaks very off-the-cuff and never disappoints.

When Garth and Ted are done with their opening remarks, Mears will hit them with several of the questions sent by fans via I'm sure some fans think this will be a softball session, but they underestimate us. Garth might not be Obama at speech-giving, but if you've ever run into him you know he can be as direct and chirpy as the guys in "The Departed."

Steve from Clifton, NJ asks Ted: "As a coach known to favor a veteran lineup, do you see yourself more open to giving the younger guys bigger roles next season"?

Ryan from East Moriches wants to know how Garth "plans to address the lack of offense, which was a huge problem."

Others want to know if Garth wants to acquire "a legit heavyweight" and when is he going to sign Bergenheim long-term.

Honest, Garth: I didn't write those questions.

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