Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Rangers effect

While I try to get over how that poor Irish girl with the sick tattoo got booted off A.I. for singing my cherished "Jesus Christ Superstar," let's tackle another issue for the day.

The subject has come up in the last week: if the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup, would that be good or bad for the New York Islanders?

Many people - several of them even really intelligent - have for generations promoted the theory that the Rangers winning the Cup would be good for hockey, the NHL, the United States of America and all of mankind.

Let me first say this about Larry Brooks of the New York Post. If the other 29 NHL teams each had reporter/columnists on their beat as dedicated to their craft and as wickedly entertaining as Larry, now THAT would be good for hockey.

But it's always been something I think Larry is way off on. Other than the theory being another glorious illustration of New York arrogance, I see nothing - TV ratings, print coverage, merchandise sales, growth of the game - to prove it.

Of course, we don't have historical evidence because the one time the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in the last 68 years, our league - oh yeah, I remember now - had a marathon work stoppage.

That's just my opinion on the Rangers' effect on the league. As for the Rangers winning the Cup having any positive effect on the New York Islanders, let me tell you about my drive home from the Coliseum last night.

I had one errand to run: pick up a birthday present for my brother Nick, the Rangers fan. I was thinking maybe something tennis or golf-related, so I went to Modells.

I'm on Sunrise Highway in Freeport, Long Island. What do I see the moment I walk in Modells?

You got it: New York Rangers T-shirts - Avery, Lundqvist, Gomez (oh, that's just gotta kill Devils fans), Drury, Jagr, even Callahan! Then there's my favorite: all the "I'm a Ranger" stuff. (Geez, I wonder where they got that from?).

So I repeat: we're in just the second round. Modells in the heart of Long Island - and let me make clear here that I do not blame our good friends at Modells - has Rangers merchandise front and center.

The Rangers winning the Stanley Cup good for the Islanders? I don't think so.

For the record, Nick's getting some golf stuff - plus a Lundqvist T-shirt (don't tell Ricky).

On the plus side, while the Rangers and Penguins are battling Sunday afternoon, my brother won't be able to watch it. We'll be at the Milleridge Inn celebrating his birthday.


7th Woman said...

Sydney Crosby winning the Stanley Cup would be good for hockey and the NHL. The Rangers winning the cup (perish the thought) would only be good for NY and and the Dolan empire. That being said... Let's Go Penguins (and let's go Sharks!) and happy birthday to your brother. Maybe he tee-off with some of his favorite Rangers soon.

Anonymous said...

I hate when I see that in Modells on LI. Anytime I see Rangers gear at Dick's or Modells I put it on the back of the racks and stick Islanders stuff in front of it. Part of me wants to believe that there is less Islanders gear on the shelf bc our fans bought it all but I think the def. have more Rangers stuff out there. And the " Iam a Ranger" is def a rip off.