Monday, April 7, 2008

Doing the Right Thing

The latest on the Hummer Metro Challenge appears to be that everyone has come to their senses. I'm optimistic there will be a fair resolution for all parties.

The way I see it, no one at the start of the season agreed to any tiebreakers - appropriate ones or absurd ones. The Islanders and Rangers tied. As a result, there is only one fair resolution. MSG Network has a playoff preview show tonight, so I would expect an announcement by then.

Prior to next season, the Islanders, Rangers and Devils can agree on tiebreaking procedures and all can be right with the world.

Thank you to the fans who brought this to the attention of the media, including WFAN and XM Radio. Thanks also to the countless number of fans who suggested ways to make up for the lost funds, some even offering to put up their own money. Beautiful stuff. Assuming the Hummer issue gets rectified, may I humbly suggest The Smile Train or Rexcorp Islanders Inspire?

This just in from Sam Rosen: Yes indeed, Dewey has defeated Truman.


mtrico said...

Power of the people. Good work Chris! It appears as though you are implying that this will be called a tie, which is still an unfair result for the Isles. But, look who you are dealing with. The Garden definitely has its share of shady characters, so maybe this is the best we could hope for.

NYRFan said...

Hey Chris, I host my own Rangers blog and I've been posting on the Hummer Metro Ice Controversy and included your post. Thanks for the info. You can check out my blog here:

Joshua Trupin said...

Did this get resolved? This is seriously one of the lowest-rent moves I have seen in a long time.