Monday, April 14, 2008

Islanders PR podcast, anyone? Anyone?

So I have what may turn out to be a lousy idea. I'm thinking of doing a podcast and asked my staff of tech-savvy youngsters to look into it.

Basic premise is the staff talking Islanders for the hardcore fan. It would not be slick. It couldn't be with me and this crew.

We'd preview the week, including the team's practice and travel schedule. We'd attempt to do an interview that wasn't run-of-the-mill ("Seriously Garth - who the heck are you taking with the fifth pick"?!) I'm sure there'd be some goofy stuff, too.

To clarify, this will be an audio podcast. To paraphrase Howie Rose, this face was made for audio podcasting.

While we try to figure it out on our end - like how to work in some music in the opening and not sound like idiots throughout - I welcome all feedback.

Please use the comments section for any ideas, suggestions, tips, offers to volunteer to be our engineer and producer (okay, I'll throw in some tickets). When you send your comments, let me know if you want to keep it confidential or if it's okay to publish.




NYIsles1/IslesTigers said...

Mr Botta,

It sounds like a great idea but I'm going to make a suggestion that may not go over well.

How about Mr Wang did as Alan Cohen did who met the fans and answered questions (see Palm Beach Post) and continues to do it on a regular basis starting tomorrow night.

It's great the hockey staff make themselves available but Mr Wang is the face of the franchise and stands in front of the camera for major announcements.

Tomorrow may not be a major event in team history but the best way you connect with your fans as Mr Dey said is to look them in the eye and tell them where it's at.

Charles Wang more than anyone should be the person doing that because he is the face of this franchise and has done a lot of things to be proud of in his tenure as owner.

Ted Leonsis has his own blog also, why not Mr Wang?

Feel free as always to print my comments.


Patrick Stephens said...

Hi Chris. Long time reader first time commenting. I think this is a great idea especially from someone who works in communications and for the Islanders. I think this is perfect. I know I would definitely subscribe. I've listened to other podcasts by Islander fans (I won't mention from where) and I was somewhat disappointed. I know they worked hard and covered a lot of ground but it seemed so amateurish to me. I mean they couldn't even pronounce our top prospects last name, Kyle Okposo (the k is silent). Any way I'm all for it. I also would love to help out but I'm all the way up in Pougheeksie, NY. I don't know if that's too far away. I have no experience with podcasts but I do work in communications (on the technical side). Anyway, I look forward to hearing the podcast. Oh and it's okay to publish this comment.

Nick said...

Chris, the podcast sounds like a great idea. If I were you I would try to keep it at a set interval and for the most part decide before you start it which topics are included and which are not.

Also...I was wondering if you could help us out...I'm a member of a local citizen group in favor of the Lighthouse Project, and we just posted an online petition:

I hope you can publicize it and spread the word to all fans and concerned citizens.

Keep up the good work!

North Bellmore, NY

Anonymous said...

Chris - great idea....

In this techno-savvy world - information is always much in demand.

It is nice to see you get into the 'podcast' world!

Good luck!

Gary Harding

Dominik said...

Chris, I like the idea. As an Isles fan and blogger who lives far, far away from Long Island, I crave team information from whatever source I can find it. Podcasts could be a nice medium for the kind of features or bits such as those on IslesTV that I like but don't often have time to watch.

My initial guess is the best bang-for-buck would be to stick with a set format or set of formats -- previews for road trips, or updates from the middle of road trips, plus human interest bits or other insider looks while the team is at home. It could be fun to hear the voices of players who we see but who don't get much press.

I realize that as PR staff, you'd need to be measured in what is aired -- and probably not run info that you haven't already released to the mainstream press. But the insider stuff and IslesTV-type interviews (things Newsday would never run anyway) would be great for the diehards.

As an aside, thanks for how much you share with fans, and good luck in the off-season. A disappointing season was made more enjoyable by your efforts, management's accessibility, the Isles multimedia features, and of course all the BlogBoxers.

Dominik Jansky
Islander Frontier
(Yes you may use my name with posts.)

Josh B said...


If you want people to listen, it needs to have something different. I remember they tried to do a "Ted's Time" podcast, and it was just little highlight clips we've already seen. Why bother?

The interesting part of your blog is the stuff that we can't otherwise find out about, you know? That's what would make a podcast interesting, stuff we couldn't possibly find out from anywhere else.

Even if it's not video, have you considered adding photos? Most iPods can handle still pictures as an enhanced podcast. You could do random shots from practice, other rinks, whatever.

Talk to the camera guys. (One of my favorite Isles memories was when I was a little kid with a little bit of bonus access to the NVMC, running with the camera girl at the end of a period through the back halls to get to the elevator to the press box to get the camera upstairs to do the intermission segment with Jiggs and Eddie. That's neither here nor there, but I just got back from the Avs-Wild game and I'm a bit inebriated so this is what you get.

Talk to the referees -- They've got the best stories. By far. Players are interesting when you can get them out of quote mode.

Hell, give it to the players and make them go interview fans (or the refs -- can you imagine? Bruno interviews Stephen Walkom!)

Just don't do anything that other people do.

Georgio85 said...

Dear Mr. Botta,

I' ve been accustomed with podcasting for just a brief time... I' m currently studying PR and technology (which actually includes the use of podcasting among others)and believe it is a great idea to promote your subject through podcasting!

I would strongly suggest to input some kind of audio tracks that will be attractive for the fans of the islanders. Some characteristic player's phrase or something that will be noticeaby the fans of the team for them to get involved...