Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The decks are cleared, but is space in the newspapers?

Spent part of tonight trying to get the word out that tickets are still available for the Islanders-Rangers game at the Coliseum on Wednesday. That may come as a surprise to some of you, especially with the Islanders starting well and Drury and Gomez coming to the Coliseum as Rangers, but there are factors. Keep in mind Wednesday could have been Game 5 of Yankees - Indians. My hunch is a lot of fans were waiting to see if they'd be better off at home with the remote.

Michael Coleman at News 12 was kind enough to drop in a line tonight about seats being available; so was Greg Logan at the eleventh hour. I would expect most, if not all, of the remaining seats to be sold tomorrow. The team has also added a student discount for the game, so it's a great chance for kids to see an Islanders-Rangers game at a good price.

Just three weeks ago, what were the chances the Islanders would have had their home opener not conflict with a Yankees or Mets playoff game? Same for Wednesday. Who would have thought it? The Islanders and Rangers have the local game schedule to themselves tomorrow.

A lot of people tell me it's fantastic for the Islanders that the Yanks and Mets are out because my team should be able to get more press. I hope so - it's the silver lining for my friends and I to have to live with the pain of another Bronx Bombers playoff defeat - but I'm not so sure. I called a reporter this afternoon and guess where he was?

On George Steinbrenner Watch on the streets of Manhattan.

At least for a while, the Yankees will be a big story as the fates of Arod, Torre, Mariano and others are determined. That said, as the reporter pointed out, the editors no longer have to send 8 reporters each to the Bronx or Shea, so that could only help the NYI.

The Islanders are looking for a third sellout in a row Wednesday against the Rangers. There was a report on Monday's game about empty sections at the Coliseum that was categorically false and altogether unfortunate. There was one section (by the Zamboni corner) that went mostly lonely because a group was unable to attend. Other than that, some scattered empty seats are what you would expect for a Monday matinee when the stock market was open.

Maybe it's a bit too hopeful for these times, but I like what a friend said to me tonight: "It's too bad he didn't use that sentence to promote that the Islanders Inspire program provided tickets and bus transportation to 1,200 kids."

That's my job. I'll keep trying.

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