Thursday, July 3, 2008

MEDIA ALERT: XM Radio's "Power Play" at 5:25 pm

Presumably because they couldn't track down Milbury, Olczyk, Jonesey or Jaffe on 4th of July weekend, the good folks at XM Radio have invited me to go on "Power Play" at 5:25 pm today.

I'll be speaking with Mike Ross and Mick Kern about the NYI. Finally, my dream chance to carve Garth up.

I'm telling you, this could be dangerous. It's one thing to try and be the semi-under-control former Islanders "executive" while writing this blog, but radio? We'll see.

Can you curse on XM?

1 comment:

7th Woman said...

Great job on Power Play. Since I hadn't read this, it was quite a surprise seeing your name flash across the screen on my XM radio.