Friday, July 4, 2008

A lot to give up for Brian Campbell for two months and now Boyle

Darren Dreger of TSN is reporting that Dan Boyle is going to be traded to San Jose for Matt Carle, a first round pick, a prospect and a future draft pick. If that is the case - the Gammons-like Dreger usually nails this crap - then...

1. It proves why Chicago was smart for digging deep to sign Brian Campbell as a UFA

2. The Islanders were wise not to break up the plan and pay the price in personnel to get Boyle

The Islanders really like Boyle. They did more than kick tires, they pursued a deal. But - before it got to whether Boyle would have approved a trade to LI - it's obvious the Islanders weren't willing to go too far in the deal with Tampa Bay.

Besides Carle, the big piece is the first round pick. Even the president of the Islanders Booster Club would concede it's more likely the Islanders' first round pick will come before San Jose's.

Seems to me any trade talks between Doug Wilson and Garth Snow died right there.

The Islanders need to hold on to their first round picks for at least the next year or two. Last thing they need is a Tom Kurvers/Toronto situation. That's when the Maple Leafs traded a future No. 1 to New Jersey for Kurvball and everyone in TO had heart problems as the Leafs blew and it almost ended up being the first overall pick - Ontario kid named Eric Lindros.

My hunch is if Snow was ever going to include his first round pick as part of a deal, it would have to be top-10 protected.

Boyle would have been an incredible add for the Islanders for the right price. Lining it up with what the Sharks paid, the Islanders would have had to give up their 2009 first-rounder, Chris Campoli (maybe not Carle, but close and also a better contract), a kid like Robin Figren and a fourth.

Pass. The Islanders are simply not yet in a position to make a deal like that.


Dan said...

Chris, your thoughts-

is this the team that gets us the #1 overall in the draft? Or will these guys be marginally good enough to compete for that 8th playoff spot and miss, or the just as bad 4-1 exit in the first round?

In short, are we Taveras bound?

B.D. Gallof said...

Boyle would have been a mistake.

1. skews your pay structure, which even with Streit, is still within some semblance of sanity.

2. Yes, Boyle is a great player. But Camploli would have been in the igh-30s/40 last season. This season he is capable of 40.

3. Then you give Okposo, who might be good for, well lets say safely 15, though I think he's capable of 20 on the right line. That is already Boyle's stats on a more offensively gifted team.

Chasing Boyle, to be honest, didn't make a lot of sense in two key areas: fiscal responsibility and cost of trade. The Isles, wouldn't have gotten much better. Nor would the marquee loss of Okposo, who is no blue chip explosion, just s solid prospect....have been palatable by the already not-quite-thrilled Isles fanbase.

The Isles with a 1st round and 3 2nd round picks next season, might have done best to stand pat. For they might not get the top spots...but have the means to get there if they feel is worth it for the the top two of next seasons draft.