Thursday, September 11, 2008

Exclusive: Sugden dream-blocker revealed

Point Blank has learned the identity of one of the four teams blocking enforcer Brandon Sugden from attending Islanders training camp next week. As you might expect, it is the Islanders' biggest rival - the New York Rangers.

Makes perfect sense. Why would a team step aside graciously and allow the un-retirement of a player to join your rival? Especially when the player has the ability to land repeated blows to your players' heads.

I'm not taking sides on this case. My view is only that the league office should listen to Sugden's saga. But it's probably safe to say this: if Glen Sather and three other GMs cared enough to stop the enforcer from coming back to the NHL, Brandon Sugden must be one tough SOB.

He's also willing to put his money where his heart is. When I spoke with Sugden Tuesday night, he made a promise that he will donate 1/3 of any money he makes from playing in the NHL this season to charity. He would like it to go to the Princess Margaret Hospital in Ontario, where his father receives treatment for cancer.


Isles_Goal said...

I knew it and I called it...A$$ RAG$

I don't think they even care that he's willing to donate 1/3 of his salary to charity. This is the same low class organization that claimed they won the metro challenge...and the Long Island Children Foundation got shafted for $25,000

7th Woman said...

Like I needed one more reason to dislike the Rangers? Gee... Thanks. Still, this doesn't seem like it's fair. It should just be a majority vote. Thanks for staying on the case CB and following up.

Anonymous said...

Just an idea, but you might also want to alert a site like to this news as well if they are unaware at the moment in order to spread the news

Chris said...

I am not the slightest bit surprised. They are heartless and on top of that, they are wusses.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Chris... and I sure hope someone listens to Sugden's story. That hospital he wants to donate some of his salary too is a beacon of hope for those who suffer from cancer. Thanks for bringing his story out to us.

Isle Insider said...

I would have to guess that the 4 teams would have to be from the Atlantic division because they fear Sugden. I would like to have this guy but as usual we have another delema with the Islanders and the NHL.
Thanks for your Blogs Chris!


Scotty Hockey said...

I know the Isles are left bottom trolling for talent, but to make a big deal of a minor goon like this clown is ridiculous. Bettman and the NHL is clearly against fighting (no matter what they say) so to let a former drug addict lunatic in just so he can attack some players with actual skill is insane. The NHL had guys like this before - John Kordic, Link Gaetz, etc. - and have clearly discouraged one-dimensional maniacs since. You guys really miss Chris Simon's inexcusable acts that much that you want the NHL to change its rules to bring in another homicidal barbarian?