Thursday, August 14, 2008

Point Blank on Yahoo's "Puck Daddy"

Today I had the privilege of contributing to Puck Daddy, the outstanding hockey blog on Yahoo run by Greg Wyshynski. P Daddy is running a special in August on the theme "5 ways I'd change the NHL." I snuck in 7.

I also couldn't resist replying in the Comments area after a poster said the fisherman jersey must have been my downfall (that downfall took more than ten years!) and another said DiPietro's annual 4.5 will lead to the next work stoppage.

Check it out here. Thanks.


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RGW said...

Great points Chris. Couldn't agree more on the 'work on the CBA now' line. We know you get it, most fans get it, but do the NHLPA & Bettman get it? Do they really understand that if there is another lockout the NHL is, for the most part, a dead league that will NEVER rebound?