Saturday, March 8, 2008

New York Times Magazine on The Smile Train

In tomorrow's New York Times Magazine, "Freakonomics" authors Stephen J. Dubner and Steven J. Levitt report on how and why The Smile Train was created. As regular readers of this blog know, I have picked The Smile Train, which provides free cleft surgery for children, as a sort of unofficial charity of NYI Point Blank.

The story by Dubner and Levitt is a good indication why this charitable organization blows me away with its generosity, diligence and commitment. Did I mention 100% of all donations to The Smile Train goes to the program, 0% to administration fees and who-knows-what else?

As I state in the top left corner of my blog, please consider being a part of it. Let The Smile Train know you heard about them from me and I'll personally let you know how grateful I am.

Read the Times Magazine piece here today:


Kristie said...

I just donated to the smile train, having been born with a congential birthmark, I know how important these programs are.

michael said...

chris i know this is off topic, but you HAVE GOT TO make sure that the islanders are not left out of this outdoor game at yankee stadium, if and when its played.

for the islanders to be left off the bill in favor of some western conference team (or boston who has stunk for YEARS) would be a TRAVESTY!

Yankee Stadium is in new york, two new york teams should play no questions asked.

The nhl would like nothing more than to slight the islanders i'm sure, but we need this!!

Either we both play or no one plays, thats how i see it!!

also, fsny is MSG+ now? why not call it "the rangers network" and really embarass us islander fans.

can we get on SNY already??!