Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maybe they called 1.800.882.ISLES

Got a lot of calls today from the press asking for an official statement from the Islanders about whether the league is going to discipline the team or anyone on it for last night's, um, events.

My answer to everyone was, "What for"?

I know Chris Simon received a match penalty. Still trying to figure out what for, but whatever. He didn't do anything suspendable. Last I checked fighting was still allowed in the League de National Hockey.

Even goalies can do it. That was something. Within five minutes of DiPietro-Montoya, I must have gotten a dozen text messages from friends with some profane version of, "I knew I should have hit you up for tickets."

Last night was what it was - a preseason game between two REAL rivals, not those fake ones some folks around the game want you to believe really exist. The game included plenty of players with history with one another. The game also had players trying to make their teams.

What did you expect?

Now Chris Simon is Exhibit A for outsiders to whine about suspended players being allowed to play in preseason games. If they haven't already, you can count on Darren Dreger or Bob McKenzie or Nick Kypreos to have an exclusive soon that says the managers plan to discuss the issue at the next GMs meetings.

And should the rule be passed, it will forever be referred to as "the Chris Simon rule."

I don't have an opinion on whether suspended players should be allowed to play in preseason games. But don't blame Chris Simon.

(Again - and I really have to stop this - how can you not respect Tom Renney? He was pushed last night post-game to take a cheap shot at Simon and, once again, he didn't take the easy way out. He told reporters, "I thought Chris Simon was out there to play hockey tonight. I thought his first intention was to play a strong game of hockey and get himself ready for the season." I really hope Coach Renney gives me a reason to not like him at SOME point this season).

Anyway, like I said, my unofficial response to media inquiries today was, "What for"?

Officially, as of 8:30 tonight, the Islanders had not heard from the league.

As for the Rangers...

Just kidding.

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